It is possible to organize a course as an in-company training customized to your organization’s specifications and requirements. In-company training helps organizations excel by customizing course content to address your organization’s needs.

An in-company course has several advantages:

  • A uniform training of your key personnel.
  • The training gives them the same "common language” which improves the communication between them.
  • You bring together employees from different departments with their own particular knowledge, which can be very advantageous during the discussions.
  • It accelerates learning and the employees are more open-minded.
  • Because the participants are all from the same company, the topics can be enforced on the own business environment. It often results in real  life solutions to  particular problems.
  • Reduces resistance to change.
  • Even after the course the participants know each other better and keep discussing about certain issues which could influence the organization’s success.

If only a few employees in your organization are pursuing certification, you can benefit from our ‘consortium’ training. For these courses we gather candidates from businesses in the same geographic area. The advantages of this kind of course are:

  • The organization decides on the course schedule and location, which reduced the time of relocation.
  • It enhances the knowledge transfer between the employees of your company.
  • It enhances the knowledge transfer between the employees of your company and external participants, which broadens their view.

The in-company trainings can take place on-site at your location, on our campus, or at a conference center, and can be scheduled suitable to your timing: from multiday sessions to multiple three-hour classes.

'Blended learning' is also an option. This course is a combination of a classroom training at the place you prefer. You can follow the class in a virtual classroom. There will be a live instructor explaning you every single detail. This is useful for people who want to attend courses but are often away on business trips. 

To allow potential course candidates to get to know the different programs and browse the study material, CIMCIL organizes introduction events. This info session can be organized as an in-company event and is free of charge and without further obligations. It takes approximately 1,5 hours.

If you are interested, you have further questions or you would like to join a current project, please contact us at