CIMCIL programs

Public training programs

In order to maximize your results, CIMCIL courses are scheduled to match the exam periods set by the certification bodies (APICS, IIBLC, etc.). If you want to follow supply chain management training courses, for example, you simply need to sign up to the reminder mailing list to receive a personal notification whenever there is a new supply chain management program.

Two options

For the majority of our courses, we offer two options: in-depth courses and refresher courses. You are entirely free to switch between the two options for the various programs or modules, depending on your prior knowledge.

Please note that the teaching language is English, also the language used for study materials (workbook, student slides, etc.) and for exams.

In-company training

Our in-company training helps companies excel by adapting course content to the specific needs of your organisation. Whether training sessions over several days or 3 hour-courses, these programs (supply chain, lean management, etc.) are held at the place and date of your choice. Contact us for a personalized schedule.

Exam preparation courses

People who already have the necessary knowledge, yet want to prepare for an exam can opt for an in-depth revision course on the certification subjects. We limit the time for each program or module, which allows us to build on the expertise and experience of our instructors and the candidate’s commitment to self-study. A cost-effective solution if you want to evaluate your command of the subject, the key concepts, definitions and terminology in a short time span. Please consult our calendar or contact us for more information.

Blended learning

CIMCIL aims to be a leader in the provision of 21st century training options. In collaboration with several academic institutions, we offer training programs based on the concept of blended learning, in which the traditional ex-cathedra training is mixed with online sessions,  interactive webinars, online tests, surveys and individual coaching. Our goal is to deliver a better learning experience, based on the qualifications and skills of our instructors, while providing a way to reduce your travel time and your budget, as well as your ecological footprint. Contact us to plan a customized training program, whatever your continent or schedule.

Exam preparation training

After you have prepared for an APICS module, trained in Supply Chain Management..., or because it has been a while since you’ve taken a course, we are offering you a last-minute test to ensure that you master the entire subject or to familiarize yourself with the exam format. You will be guided by a mock CPIM test and get tips and tricks to maximize your chances of success.