Lean in production

The purpose of this training is to make the participants familiar with the lean concepts.

 By integrating practical examples and pictures into the theory, we visualize the base principles of Lean Manufacturing. This training is the foundation for each lean practitioner. Besides the different terminologies and techniques, you will also get an answer to the following questions: how can I detect and eliminate waste? How can I increase the flexibility of my processes? How can I realize a considerable decrease of the inventories? How can I shorten the lead time? ...

  •     Lean Philosophy
  •     ‘Value’ versus ‘waste’
  •     The 7 forms of ‘waste’
  •     The 5 phases in a Lean-project
  •     Overview Lean techniques

The concepts are first discussed in group and are afterwards tested by practical experience in the Lean Manufacturing Game. The game is a subsistent part of this training. It offers the occasion to immediately test in practice the new acquired knowledge and skills. The game simulates a production process in which different recognizable difficulties are integrated: waiting times, tool changes, batch production, lay-out problems, inflexible machines, etc.

Step by step, the candidates will implement Lean concepts in order to create an optimal production flow. By means of KPI’s, we can follow up whether the implemented techniques result in the expected improvements. The visualization of the concepts helps the participants to understand the advantages, the requirements and the implications of different Lean techniques in a clear way.
During the game, candidates explore the following concepts:

  •     Reduction of the changeover times
  •     Lead times and takttime
  •     Bottlenecks
  •     One piece flow
  •     Line balancing
  •     Pull versus Push
  •     Kanban systems
  •     Visual Management

During this training, we do not only want to give you a good theoretical base about lean, but also some hands-on experiences which will facilitate the translation into your lean project.

For this training, there is no specific prior knowledge required.