Lean in office

In the field of the optimization of production processes, the Lean philosophy has already won his spurs. But what about the waste in administrative processes?

During the training Lean Basics for Office Environments, we pay attention to the different forms of ‘waste’, which exist in an administrative environment and which Lean tools are useful to handle this efficiently.

  • Lean Philosophy
  • ‘Value’ versus ‘waste’
  • Standardized work
  • Lean tools and techniques
  • Organization of the workplace
  • Decrease of the lead times
  • One-piece flow
  • Balancing the work

The concepts are first discussed in group and are afterwards tested by practical experience in the Lean Office Game. The game is a subsistent part of this training. It offers the occasion to test the new knowledge and skills immediately in practice. Step by step, the candidates will implement Lean concepts in order to generate an optimal flow. There is an evolution towards a more efficient environment in which the successive steps of the process are streamlined. By means of KPI’s, we can follow up whether the implemented techniques result in the expected improvements. The visualization of the concepts helps the participants to understand the advantages, the requirements and the implications of different Lean techniques in a clear way.

After this workshop, you will be able to discover the ‘waste’ in your own administrative and service processes and by applying the lean philosophy you will be able to increase your performance.

There is no specific prior knowledge required for this training.