Lean Health Care Game

Because the Lean philosophy is universal, it can also be applied into the Healthcare environment.

A first important motive is the lack of personnel. Many people can fully endorse the fact that healthcare has experienced some problems in finding personnel for some time now. It looks like this structural deficit on the job market will not disappear just like that. This also has an influence on the satisfaction and the moral of the current personnel. Besides this, there are also the increasing demands of the other stakeholders: patients who become more and more demanding with regard to quality and fast treatment, the transparency (of the costs) which is demanded from the government, personnel who are no longer able to deal with the pressure of work, etc.

Lean can be a solution for these issues. When we analyze this situation thoroughly, we come to the conclusion that the existing processes and systems contain a lot of unnecessary waste and inefficiencies. Lean offers the techniques to eliminate this waste and to tune the processes again to one another. As a result, the quality increases immediately, the costs decrease and the satisfaction of the co-workers, personnel, patients, improves.

The purpose of this training is to make the participants familiar with the Lean concepts. Practical examples and photos will open their eyes for activities which add no value to the customer. Through the game the participants will experience which advantages can be reached when using the lean Thinking principles in a care environment.


  •     The lean philosophy
  •     The capstones of Lean
  •     The 5 steps of a Lean project
  •     ‘Value’ versus ‘waste’
  •     Lean tools and techniques

During the training, a game is integrated which will visualize the theoretical concepts . The game simulates a "lab-environment”. The orders (samples) randomly enter into the lab. After a first treatment (cfr prepost analysis), the products need to undergo a preparation during a certain time (cfr centrifuge). Afterwards, the product flow is divided into different flows, depending on the color of the product (distribution centre).

The participants need to implement improvements step by step to optimize this process. This game gives the participants the opportunity to use Lean techniques within a "secure” environment. So they experience what the implications, the advantages and the conditions for a successful Lean-implementation are. The power of the game is its interactive character, the own contribution and the real time experiences of the participants.

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