Lean awareness through interactivity

Play and Learn Lean: Scientific research in the first half of the 20th century has revealed that “playing” is a typically human component of innovation and creating new insights. A homo sapiens is and always was a homo ludens (Huizinga, 1938). Before engaging in company-wide Lean changes, experience the effects of Lean in your environment (production, process, administration, laboratory, care, … ). Check out our Lean offering and book a one-day gaming session for your company target group. Play the game and become Lean!

Our simulation games in Lean awareness and method are therefore the perfect way to assimilate it. They combine:

  • Interactivity
  • Personal contribution
  • On-the-spot experience

A customised offer

The modular structure of the course allows you to put together a Lean awareness training syllabus to match your own needs. The Lean Awareness section is therefore aimed at all company levels. Employees are guided during the preparation of the Lean implementation and become acquainted with its principles empirically. Managers can view this training as an introduction to the Lean philosophy. The workshops are therefore aimed at SMEs and multinationals alike in production or service environments.


In any case, the Lean awareness workshops aim at motivating participants to deal with this issue and detect any waste in their daily work. Various workshops are held throughout the year; up to you to select those most suited to your needs.

Our workshops are led by highly experienced instructors. Selected on the basis of their expertise, these instructors are monitored very closely through the CIMCIL quality system. (Qfor certification).


Our training courses have demonstrated that active participation anchors knowledge. CIMCIL specialises is the development of educational games. Our participants find the integration of a game in their training very positive. You can read about their experience of our workshops here.

Lean awareness games