Content overview Engineering Management

In order to prepare for the exam, CIMCIL has composed a training program. The program gives a solid first introduction to the content of the EMBOK (Engineering Management Book of Knowledge), which contains the core knowledge tested by the certification exams.

The training programs consists of 11 domains, spread over 12 sessions. The eleven modules cover all aspects of engineering management and focus mainly on common terminology, basic principles and activities that should be covered by Engineering Managers.

All ASEM engineering management offerings are described in the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge. This body is summarized in “A guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK;  ISBN 978-0-9831005-8-4), serving as a foundational reference book for every professional working in the engineering management discipline. It answers the basic question: “What does it take to be an effective engineering manager ?”.

The EMBOK is based on a validated study and periodically updated to reflect the recent developments. The latest editions have focused their efforts to make the concepts applicable to the international community.

The EMBOK Guide includes competency areas under 11 domains that were derived form a role delineation study and should be possessed by professionals, managers and executives in the field of engineering management.

1.       Introduction to Engineering Management

2.       Leadership and Organisational Management

3.       Strategic Planning

4.       Financial Resource Management

5.       Project Management

6.       Operations and Supply Chain Management

7.       Marketing and Sales Management in Engineering Organisations

8.       Management of Technology, R&D

9.       Systems Engineering

10.    Legal aspects of Engineering Management

11.    Professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics


Each of the domains is presented by seasoned experts with ample experience in real life enterprise environments.

Each of the domains, or groups of domains can also be offered for in house training on request.