To maintain APICS certification, CPIM and CSCP designees must earn a total of 75 professional development points within five years of receiving their designation.

These requirements can be met through multiple sources and a variety of professional development activities. The Certification Maintenance Bulletins provide the official guidelines for accepted activities and points earned.

For individuals who have obtained their CPIM before the year 2000 and haven't maintained the certificate, APICS introduced the CPIM Recertification Exam. Instead of taking all five CPIM exams again, candidates are able to renew their certifications by taking only one exam.

Some possibilities are:

  • APICS CPIM exams: 10 points earned for each exam passed
  • Individuals who earn a certificate of completion for the APICS CSCP Learning System: 30 points
  • APICS CSCP exam: 20 points
  • Continuing Education: workshops, seminar, conferences, courses, etc : 1 point per instructional hour – e.g. our Lean Workshops
  • APICS CPIM Recertification Exam: 10 points (only for CSCP designees)

To support your commitment to lifelong learning and professional development, CIMCIL developed a APICS database. The objective is to inform the certified professional of activities supporting the CPIM & CSCP certification maintenance.


How to submit the APICS Maintenance application?

APICS launched an online Certification Maintenance application form, which will enable all Certification Maintenance candidates to submit applications through the APICS Website. This method offers the following enhancement:

  • Pre-populated contact information
  • Secure electronic payment
  • Automatic response to candidates that the application has been received
  • Combined point tracking form and professional development journal
  • Decreased response time
  • Ability to update and re-submit information if required
  • Electronic notification of approval or denial (with specific denial reason) within two weeks


A printable form will still be available for those who wish to send the application by regular mail and pay by check. The online and printable application forms can be accessed through .

As of January 13, 2014, candidates will be able to maintain their certification with a simpler application process. While maintenance requirements remain the same, they will no longer be required to report detailed maintenance activities to APICS in the online application. Instead, they will be required to submit documentation only if they are audited by APICS. In addition, candidates will be immediately notified if they are being audited or their application has been accepted.

 Note that candidates may now apply for certification maintenance at any time, rather than having to wait until the fifth year of their certification. In addition, their new maintenance due date will be five years after their current maintenance due date. 

These improvements are designed to simplify the maintenance process and encourage more designees to maintain their hard-earned certifications. Additional information about the APICS certification maintenance process can be found on our website .