Michiel De Coninck

After graduating as a Master of Arts in History at the University of Gent, Michiel chose a drastically different career path. For the past 7 years, he has critically evaluated logistical processes instead of historical events. During that time, he has assisted both multinational companies like Volvo Cars and Johnson & Johnson, as well as smaller companies in optimizing their inbound processes, re-organizing their warehouse and selecting and implementing the correct planning software. After getting his certification as APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional, Michiel also shares his experience and insights with the students of CIMCIL.

In his spare time, Michiel is a passionate player of videogames, fine-tuning his strategy in Civilization or introducing 5S in his household in The Sims.

  • Delivering courses: CPIM 
  • Specialties: Process optimization/ Production Planning / Inventory Control / Supply Chain Management / LEAN Green Belt
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