Webinar on Managing Business Performance: The Science and Art

If you have ever wondered why some companies perform better than others irrespective of economic conditions this webinar is designed to provide tester of the key message contained with the Umit Bititci’s recently published book Managing Business Performance: the Science and the Art. The key takeaways from the webinar will be:

• Focusing performance measures and performance management practices on the value streams and the flow of work through these value streams

• Developing performance measurement systems and management processes that people value and want to use

• Managing organisational capabilities for long term sustainable performance

• Achieving a balance between the science of performance measurement and the art of engaging people in a conversation about the performance of the organisation

During the workshop there will be ample opportunity to engage with Umit through questions and answers and explore some of the key messages.

Read about webinar presenter, Umit Bititci’ Here.


Please register for The Science and Art of Managing Business Performance Webinar at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/966100558662953473