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QRM:Lead time reduction as game changer
11 Mar 2019
Customers want their orders delivered faster and faster, demand more customization and smaller orders. Not the size of a company, but the speed of a company is increasingly...
06 Mar 2019
Supply Chain
Whether it is building a 150 beds-hospital with prefabricated solutions, vaccinating 100,000 people in just a few weeks or responding to an emergency in just a few days, logistics...
22 Feb 2019
Certification is obviously linked with an exam. A question that we receive a lot is “how do we prepare this exam”. A lot of the people who are taking these exams have their...
pass rates apics, cpim, cltd, cscp
19 Feb 2019
APICS recently announced the 2014-2018 Exam Pass Rates for their certification exams (CPIM per exam, CSCP & CLTD). For CPIM, it can be observed that the pass rates in Europe...
14 Feb 2019
On Valentine’s day, it’s time to look back on our relationships, after all, when better to review your supply chain relations than now! For the moment, it's important to realize...
11 Feb 2019
CIMCIL is pleased to invite you to visit us at Supply Chain Innovations 2019.  Supply Chain Innovations is a highly valued annual event, known for its unique combination of...