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02 Dec 2014
Idelog (fr) mets à disposition des francophones un dictionnaire original (non-APICS dépendant) - à élargir à toute la communauté francophone. Ce dictionnaire est mis à jour...
01 Dec 2014
Manufacturing operations expected to surpass the GDP growth. A glimpse of hope that the recession is fading away, employment may start to rise and consumers may start spending...
03 Nov 2014
APICS Test with Confidence Campaign APICS CPIM and CSCP candidates outside North America who take an APICS exam November 1, 2014 through December 13, 2014 are eligible for a free...
13 Oct 2014
Are you part of a lean improvement team at your workplace and do you feel that your management team doesn’t understand what you see needs to be done? Or are you a manager who is...
26 Sep 2014
Attached is an article, worthwhile reading about the difference between problem solving and continuous improvement. Although non-exhaustive, it provides insight on why initial...
07 Aug 2014
The merger of APICS and Supply Chain Council is now finalized. A historic moment for the global supply chain industry, as well as for APICS and SCC. CIMCIL is enthusiastic about...