Why Certification is necessary

The last couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of Supply Chain. When I started working at CIMCIL 6 years ago, I was a people manager. I had my focus on my people and on the results. How the company was delivering orders, was not on my mind at all.

As part of my training here at CIMCIL, I started following the APICS certified in production & inventory management course (CPIM). I discovered why we couldn’t promise the world to the customer. I definitly understood why supply chain managers were never really happy with my promises I made to the customer.

Supply Chain is gaining importance in every single company. When your supply chain is agile, flexible and is responding to your customer needs, you will be top of the class in your industry and have satisfied customers.

Starting the journey to a better supply chain shouldn’t be hard. But it does mean that you need to question yourself and your company every step of the way. Sometimes, you even need to eliminate or adapt procedures that the company has been doing for decades. And once improvements are in place, thinking about even better options.

To see and implement this, we need people who can think bigger. People who can translate the strategy of management to the floor. Who can explain why these changes are for the better. And more importantly, we need people who can see change and convince management that this change is necessary.

Certification will help you do this. Not only will your employees/colleagues speak the same language as you, they will also understand why you need to implement a certain strategy and see the benefits. It will give them a more indepth knowledge of their job and of the job of their colleagues. Together, you can grow the knowledge-level in the company and use it to grow individually and as a company.

APICS & IIBLC offer an independent certification which are recognized on a global level. These certifications are a stamp for your employees personal resumé and will lift your company to work more efficiently.

Because CIMCIL offers end-to-end supply chain programs, there is no part of the company that will be left behind. Let's start to learn, think, act today!

If you wish to start your certifiation journey today, don’t hesitate to visit our website or send me a message.

Author: Jan-Frederik Van Overschée, Manager CIMCIL