The value of good relationships in the supply chain

On Valentine’s day, it’s time to look back on our relationships, after all, when better to review your supply chain relations than now!

For the moment, it's important to realize that relationships among the supply chain estates must be maintained for balance & success. Too much power and influence in any one camp and you risk undermining the effectiveness of your supply chain.

In an ideal supply chain relationship, both customers and suppliers get connected in ways that allow them to easily exchange information, demand data, and the visibility of status.

It also means working together to reduce costs and improve quality, and understanding capacities and capabilities.

Before a company attempts to build good external relationships, it must first put its own house in order. You can't really develop open communications with others if your organization is partitioned itself.

Companies who allow companywide certification, and put all departments together, for instance: customer service, production planning and purchasing will better communicate with each other when they speak the same language.

By following the courses together they share experience and better understand the difficulties the other departments have.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the value of our internal & external relationships & the knowledge which is needed to work together towards a successful supply chain & satisfied customers!