Supply Chain salary review: Your salary is on the rise !

The Association for Supply Chain Management held a salary survey in 2019.  With more than 40.000 members, ASCM is the biggest community of Supply Chain professionals.  They received more than 1,700 responses to their survey, which gives us a good idea of the current trends within the supply chain.

We can conclude  that the Supply Chain salaries are on the rise. On a global scale, the wages have increased by 4.2% compared to the last few years. It also shows that stability still exists in our sector. Because of the endless opportunities, we can see that more than a quarter of the employees either got a promotion or moved laterally within their company.

Looking at the work/life balance, 80% of the people in supply chain have let us know that this balance is well respected. Flexible schedules and homework are a possibility. Especially in this global pandemic, supply chain professionals have been able to remain active as companies rely more than ever on the flexibility of their supply chain.

It's also nice to notice that the salary gap between men and women is narrowing and is almost non-existent below the age of 40.

Because APICS is still an industry standard, we can see that the salary is evolving along with certification. Globally, employees with an APICS certification earn on average 25% more than employees without APICS certification.

All of these numbers show us that the supply chain sector is on the rise. Not only our salary, but we also see that key positions within the company are filled by people with a background in the supply chain.

So good news: the future seems to be very bright for supply chain professionals.

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