How Simon experienced the CPIM Certification journey

Hi Simon, Congratulations with your CPIM Certification! In your opinion, what are the advantages of attending a CPIM course?

"Having completed my APICS Certification in Production and Inventory Management, I am much more able to understand what is involved in my colleagues' tasks and challenges.
Therefore, as a supply chain planner, I have a much clearer idea of the complexity and impact of conflicting objectives in different departments. I can now look “over the wall” of my own department."

How does this knowledge help you to carry out your job as a supply chain expert?

"The translation of the long-term business strategy into production orders at an operational level was clearly explained in CPIM Part 2. All of this helps me to gain a deeper understanding of how a production business works."

How did you find the course and why would you recommend it?

"Personally, I found following the course under the supervision of an instructor a positive experience. I not only learnt from the teacher, but also from the experiences of fellow students."

What tips can you give about preparing for the exam?

"For me, the biggest asset when studying was access to the online study platform. The many tests and mock exams later on gave a clear idea of what to expect in the exam."

Simon Van Beveren
Senior Supply Chain Expert @ Moore Belgium


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