Free webinar: An introduction into Supply Chain Towers

CIMCIL Knowledge Institute (part of MOORE Belgium) is happy to invite you to a free webinar on Supply Chain Control Towers on April 30th and May 7th, 2020.
Supply Chain Control Towers are trending and the current Covid-19 outbreak will put them on the forefront!
  • Supply Chains around the globe are impacted by the lockdowns: entire value chains are interrupted, delivery schedules are distorted, manufacturers have stopped producing and inventory imbalances have become the “new normal”.
  • In the coming weeks, the expectation is that business will gradually be revamped, and we anticipate a lot of coordination work for supply chain professionals in the coming months.
  • Supply Chain Control Towers provide the visibility you need to coordinate your value chain through this crisis - in an orchestrated way.
In this session we will cover the following points:
  • Explain the business concept of a Supply Chain Control Tower
  • Show you how to approach this kind of project
  • What technology do you need ?
  • A practical demo on how to get started with IoT, Blockchain, Demand Sensing, etc.
This webinar will be free of charge and, if applicable, it will count as credits for maintaining your APICS certification.
Keynote speeches by:
*All the presentations will be given in English.
Date & time:
- April 3rd & May 7th, 2020
- From 2.30 pm and until 4 pm.

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