CIMCIL Symposium

CIMCIL’s first symposium on Oct.13, was now exactly one month ago. We presented our view on the trends and directions for the Supply Chain in the coming years – and how to make it real. Your feedback was very encouraging and we are working already on our next symposium agenda.

Learning, un-learning and re-learning will remain key success factors, as predicted almost 50 years ago. Not doing so and not adapting to the evolving needs will result in unplanned disruptions and exploding costs. No need to predict: it is happening already.

The empowered and ever more demanding consumer, supported by ubiquitous technology and deep data, requires new and innovative technologies, processes and systems. Governments will be chased to manage rapid changes in a globalized world, expecting new levels of excellence.

Traditional learning will be complemented by new forms of online and on-the-job skills acquisition: risk-free simulated environments are growing to offer new and exciting learning experiences.

CIMCIL is working hard to combine all of those challenges by providing a dynamic learning portfolio – from planning to client satisfaction, requiring best-of-breed processes for sourcing, producing, delivering and ensuring new levels of client satisfaction.

We have seen some interesting facts since: CETA was endorsed by the EU and Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the USA. TTIP and other agreements are on the drawing table and will be challenged against the concern for sustainability, at planetary level, for its nations and citizens.

CIMCIL will continue to watch the 21st century Supply Chain developments very closely. Book Oct. 26, 2017 in your agenda already for our second symposium.

And don’t forget to check our 2017 training schedule on our website. Existing and new or reconfigured programs are available for registration now. We look forward to meet you in one of our programs soon.

Willy Van Overschée