CIMCIL @ Supply Chain Innovations 2015

Visit CIMCIL on “Supply Chain Innovations 2015” on Thursday, March 26th in the studios of AED Studios (former Eurocam Media Center) Lint ( Antwerp).

During Supply Chain Innovations a huge range of knowledge in innovative applications is presented within the domain of Supply Chain Management. They offer a high level seminar program with dozens of qualitative explanations and a limited group of service providers and developers of different solutions, all leaders in their industry. More than 30 presentations on a wide variety of specific topics are presented in a coherent approach . Conceptual, academic or a case focused from the experiences of your peers. Supply Chain Innovations is visited by managers who all have in common that they are responsible for the optimization of goods, information and cost streams: CXOs , Supply Chain Managers , Logistics Managers , Procurement, Demand Planning, Warehouse managers and many others.

And CIMCIL - with answers to your questions regarding training for you and your employees.