CIMCIL can celebrate its 25th birthday this year! A brief history…

For me, CIMCIL started nearly seven years ago. But CIMCIL started 25 years ago. A time to celebrate, but also to look back. When it all started, the year was 1993.

This year marks a first milestone for CIMCIL. Academian & top level industry minds got together to bring their insights together. Under the initiative of Prof. H. Muller - University of Ghent -, some key players of companies like IBM, Barco, ArcelorMittal & Agoria shared their insights, experiences & knowledge and eventually created CIMCIL.

To share these insights, CIMCIL focused on building and delivering relevant industry experiences by offering an exchange platform, training facilities and added its own academic programs in an attractive format to the industrials network. Serious gaming was born.

But soon enough, as a result of permanent search for industry standard competencies to better understand the newest operational processes, CIMCIL & APICS concluded a cooperation agreement. CIMCIL became a Premier Channel Partner of APICS and still holds this title today. We started including preparatory courses for these programs to the CIMCIL portfolio. Exams and certification naturally followed out of this partnership.

This meant a second milestone for CIMCIL, as we could reach thousands of interested professionals over the next decade and counting on the skills of top experts in consulting and education to deliver a high value experience in the area of Supply Chain Management and Operations for the candidates.

Adding Lean certification to this was the natural next step and when we found IIBLC, we did not doubt a second that this was the right move.

The third milestone, we took in 2014. CIMCIL was incorporated under the Moore umbrella. This meant we could complement our training and education mission with new areas and consulting activities.

Being part of the last 7 years of this story learned me a lot about supply chain, but even more about how businesses run and how supply chain is a decisive factor in all of this.

I want to thank all of the founders and all of the people who made this story possible. We will celebrate a couple of them on our next symposium on November 8th.

We are ready for the challenges that the next 25 years will bring.

Author: Jan-Frederik Van Overschée, Manager CIMCIL