Atlas Copco lets 'high potentials' participate in Business Game 'The Fresh Connection' for the ultimate Supply Chain Experience.

As part of a long-term project, Kurt Andries, Managing Director of Power Tools Distribution n.v. (a division of Atlas Copco) organized a training course of 3 weeks with 25 future logistic experts from all over the world in which they received training in finance, operations, HR, .... and therefore also in Supply Chain. To broaden the knowledge of these high experts in the world of Supply Chain, they were given the opportunity to participate in 'The Fresh Connection' Business Game.

The Fresh Connection Business Game is an innovative and virtual Business Game where participants have to run their own business.

The game is about a fictional company that produces different types of fruit juice and has to deal with a negative ROI (=Return On Investment).

In a team of four, the participants have to take on the role of new board members; namely VP Purchasing, VP Operations, VP Supply Chain and VP Sales. In turn, the participants are confronted with various real-life cases and problems that take place within the company.

The objective for the teams is to work together in the best way possible to recover the financial results of the business by reacting to the different factors that play a role in the supply chain.

For example, they have to make choices regarding the strategic positioning in the market and make operational and tactical decisions to make the company healthy again.

The game consists of several rounds, each representing a period of 6 months, in which you not only have to take into account the generation of the highest possible ROI but also the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and objectives of your own team.

Only with the implementation of an effective Supply Chain strategy and good communication and interaction between the different departments, you will be able to effectively manage your business.

According to Kurt Andries, this game taught these experts to think outside the box and gave them the opportunity to experience the power of a professional and well-structured Sales & Operations Planning process.

Not only is this game highly effective, but it also provides long-term advantages as it is one of the best Value Chain management experiences in the world that will have a lasting effect on participants.

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