The ASEM Presidential Award - Local Section

The Presidential Award – Local Section is awarded to annually recognize ASEM local section excellence.

This award recognises a drive in developing Section membership and participation, active participation in the ASEM International Annual Conference, publication of technical papers and delivery of seminars and workshops, and significant contributions to the field of engineering management.

ASEM, the American Society for Engineering Management, was established as a membership society in the USA in 1979.

The objectives of ASEM are to advance engineering management in theory and in practice, maintain a high professional standard among its members, and to promote the development of the profession of Engineering Management by its meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions, and publications and certifications. ASEM also aims to serve the public interest through all of the above.

ASEM Europe was established in 2017 to expand the benefits, knowledge and experience of ASEM in the European context. ASEM Europe aims to promote the ASEM programs by inspiring existing professional organisations in many countries to spread content, provide training and establish certifications centres for use by the local and European engineering communities and members.

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