Are you part of a LEAN improvement team?

Are you part of a lean improvement team at your workplace and do you feel that your management team doesn’t understand what you see needs to be done? Or are you a manager who is looking for better ways to implement “Lean” improvements in your company?

At CIMCIL we observe the improvement activities of many organisations, and we often come across people in exactly these situations. 

For the lean improvement team the perceived problem is a lack of understanding by senior managers of what lean is truly about; of its fundamentals and thus of how they should properly define, direct and manage improvement activity.  Typically, management’s primary focus is on cost-reduction rather than the flow of value to the customer (which of course, if done thoroughly, would improve profits far more than the traditional cost-reduction approach). 

Lean teams also know that management typically don’t appreciate that lean is a daily activity and not just a series of ‘stand-alone’ projects bolted-on to business-as-usual. 

The remedy in both environments may well lie in a short ‘back to basics’ intervention; one which makes clear what the key concepts, the fundamentals, of lean actually are.

CIMCIL has built live business simulation games for your teams, both at senior and at shop-floor level to illustrate and develop ways of explaining the key concepts of Lean with higher quality and in a shorter lead-time. Many envrionments (production, administration, care, lab, … ) can be addressed.

A one-day session, at your or at our premises, may be a welcome help in developing a better mutual understanding and a quick way forward.

Check it out here or contact us in your preferred way ( We will be delighted to construct a breakthrough session together.


Willy Van Overschee