APICS Exam Pass Rates

APICS recently announced the 2014-2018 Exam Pass Rates for their certification exams (CPIM per exam, CSCP & CLTD). For CPIM, it can be observed that the pass rates in Europe and the rest of the world exceed the US/Canada results, possibly indicating a higher focus in the basic Supply Chain competencies build-up. For CSCP, the Supply Chain professional flagship certification, the opposite is true.  

CIMCIL is extremely proud to confront our own results with the worldwide APICS averages.

If we look at the numbers for 2018:

For the CPIM Part 1 module (BSCM), we achieve a staggering 92% pass rate, exceeding the average by 13 percentagepoints;

For the CPIM Part 2 (MPR, DSP, ECO, SMR), the CIMCIL pass rate is 78%, again 17 percentagepoints above the average;

For the CLTD, our average is 80and 8 percentagepoint higher than the average;

Finally, for CSCP, 94% of our candidates pass, an astonishing 31 percentagepoints better than the annual averages !

Congratulations to all CIMCIL candidates – and the CIMCIL trainers !

Numbers don't lie: following a course with instructor can help you pass the exams. An overview of our students pass rates vs the worldwide average of APICS:

Source APICS Pass rates 2014-2018: http://www.apics.org/credentials-education/credentials/credential-supporting-docs/pass-rate-report 


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