9 Tips to prepare for the APICS exam!

Certification is obviously linked with an exam. A question that we receive a lot is “how do we prepare this exam”. A lot of the people who are taking these exams have their studying years behind them for at least a couple of years. The thought of having go through that again is often scary and leads to procrastination, making it every week a little harder to actually start studying.

What can we do to be ready and confident to sit for the exam? There are several easy tips that will help you in your journey to being a certified supply chain professional.

  1. Take the pre-test. The pre-test is designed for you to take before studying and even before following one single class. This test will give you an idea which parts of the course will be new to you and which part you already have some or sufficient experience.
  2. Linked to number 1, you have to use the Smart Study Tool. This will draw out a personal study schedule based on the answers you give in the pre-test. This will give you a pretty accurate idea on how many hours you need to study to actually sit for the exam.
  3. Take some time after every class to revisit the course and – if available – make some excercices on the subject matter. For APICS, participants have a whole online tool filled with flashcards, excercices & little tests. If you go through the treated subjects you will retain this information longer.
  4. Study smart. Use all the tools you have – the online tool, the books – and talk to people in your class. Sometimes by discussing a certain unclear topic, it will stick better once it has been explained to you. You can do this during, before or after classes obviously, but you can also use the online tool. There is a place to discuss and even your teacher will be able to weigh in on these discussions.
  5. Use the ask the instructor functionality. The option is available and the instructor will be there to verify those questions and give the answer. Also, it gives the instructor a view on where the problems still lay. If he gets the same sort of questions, it can help him take some time in the next class to discuss that topic again.
  6. After the classes, plan a deadline to actually sit for the exam. This will help you in forcing yourself to study. Without a deadline, the chances exist that you will push it forward all the time until you don’t feel confident enough anymore to actually sit for the exam.
  7. Plan it your study time on a weekly basis. Like this, you know when and what to study.
  8. Take the post-test available in the online tool. These tests – there are several – will help you see if you are actually ready to sit for the exam. If you pass those tests, you are ready to sit for the exam. In your scheduling, forsee your post-test 1 week in advance of your actual exam. Planning it the night before, will not give you the opportunity to revise some chapters that would come up less known.
  9. Don’t stress. This one seems logical, but avoid stress situations on your exam day. If you have a long way to go to the test center, make sure you count sufficient amount of time so even unforeseen traffic can’t make you stress. Make sure you have your confirmation notice is printed out and you have all the documents necessary to go to the test center.

Afterwards, you just need to answer the 150 questions presented to you and see how well you scored.

Good luck and the CIMCIL-team will be there to help you getting certified!

Author: Jan-Frederik Van Overschée, Manager CIMCIL

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