Nouvelles et événements

01 oct 2020
Due to the international COVID pandemic, some of our participants have faced problems to succesfully sit for their exam. Because we are aware of these problems and that we want...
06 mar 2019
Supply Chain
Qu'il s'agisse de construire un hôpital de 150 lits avec des solutions préfabriquées, de vacciner 100 000 personnes en quelques semaines ou de répondre à une urgence en seulement...
22 nov 2017
Supply Chain
The largest retail day of the year is nearly here. This new peak trading period has found its origin in the U.S., and has entered the European shopping market as fast as’s...
10 mar 2015
Supply Chain
With the “Internet of Things “, the supply chain will be able to manage the volatility of demand, personalized customer service, will allow better traceability and to answer...
09 fév 2015
For Lean certifications with IIBLC, we want to remind you of the exam deadlines for the upcoming exams on March 21, 2015. Exam registrations can be done on our website until Feb....
19 Jan 2015
Supply Chain
Un court article de Steve Banker, où il a fait valoir que les attributs-clé pour la direction de la chaîne d'approvisionnement sont la patience, de diplomatie et un savoir-faire...