APICS CPIM 8.0 - Learning system

Price: € 1 300,00

To help you get started on your CPIM exam preparations, APICS has developed the CPIM Learning System. The CPIM Learning System was developed under the guidance of recognized experts in the field of supply chain management. These subject matter experts, with knowledge and experience as high-level management executives, validate the CPIM Learning System and its approach to the complex challenges of today’s supply chain. It is the only single resource available that is designed specifically to help candidates pass the exam. The APICS CPIM Learning System combines printed text with online, interactive testing components.

Print Components

  • One easy-to-understand print modules with over 1000 pages of content covering the entire CPIM body of knowledge
  • Progress check questions at the end of each section

 Online Components

  • A pre-test to assess initial level of knowledge and develop a  customized study plan
  • More than 600 multiple-choice questions to reinforce concepts
  • Immediate feedback for online test questions and correct answer rationales provide an interactive learning experience
  • A post-test to gauge knowledge gained and areas that require further study
  • A glossary of terms
  • E-Flashcards to test your knowledge of relevant terms and definitions.

The CPIM learning system can be assigned to one individual with a one-year subscription.