SME’s can appeal to the "KMO-portefeuille” for our trainings. The KMO-portefeuille replaces the former BEA (Budget for Economic Advice). You can apply for a yearly support of up to 40% of your training costs, with a maximum of 10.000 euro if you are a small organization. In case you are a Mid-size organization, you can get to 30% of support with a maximum of 15.000 euro. You can find more information about the requirements and subsidy possibilities on

Because of a change in the use of ’Opleidingscheques’ (as of August 1, 2010), it is no longer possible to use them for our trainings:

Our recognition number: DV.O107029
Recognized as of: 19/10/2018
Recognized until: 23/09/2019

( CIMCIL is a division of Moore, as a result of wich the recognition of the KMO-Portefeuille falls under the name of Moore Strategy & Operations)