About us

CIMCIL Knowledge Institute: your one-stop training partner to....

  •  boost your operations management skills: training in Production Management, Lean Management and Supply Chain Management is our core business. As an independent knowledge center, CIMCIL wants to contribute to the knowledge base of companies who want to become more productive. We offer a variety of training activities: workshops, in depth trainings and educational games. In order to validate your knowledge, we also offer international certification opportunities (APICS, IIBLC, SCC).
  • enhancing your skills through interactive education: thanks to our interactive workshops, we provide a good balance between theory and hands-on experiences, which gives you a solid base of knowledge. Or as an old Chinese proverb says: ‘I hear and I forget…, I see and I remember…, I do and I understand….’. CIMCIL is market leader in the development of educational games. Integrating a game in the training, creates involvement and stimulates the application in the own work environment.
  • educate, stimulate and motivate your team with inhouse trainings: Our calendar shows our standard-trainings. For a company specific training, we customize the content towards your needs. Company specifics and best practices will be integrated, which will stimulate discussion among the participants. The achievement: involvement of your employees right from the start!
  • because international certification is your key to success: Do you have a passion for Operations management and does your career need a boost? CIMCIL is your partner for international certification. As the certification associate for APICS, IIBLC and Supply Chain Council, we organize the certification exams, distribute the educational materials and organize preparation courses. Our professional staff will give you personalized advice during your certification process.
  • passion for Operations Management and our customers: Passion is the key for us. Passion for Operations management, but also passion for our customers. Our teachers share this passion and service focus.