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Welcome at CIMCIL - Moore Supply Chain Academy. Your one-stop training partner to boost your company’s operational excellence and supply chain management skills. Our programs are the ideal preparation for exams leading to internationally recognised certification (|APICS | IIBLC | Supply Chain & Lean Training). Discover them here!

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  • APICS premier elite channel partner

    CIMCIL Knowledge Institute is selected as the official APICS Premier Elite Channel Partner in Belgium.

    APICS is recognised worldwide for the quality of its educational certification programs. The certificates awarded are key references for all the direct and indirect actors of the supply chain. 

    • The certificates are recognised internationally in business and industry.
    • It gives the possibility of acquiring basic knowledge in the supply chain workflows.
    • It optimizes corporate communication using standardized vocabulary.
    • The certification can be used to keep up with good practices and the latest trends in supply chain processes.
    • It improves the performance of individuals and the company.
    • It validates your knowledge and your skills
  • CIMCIL is the official Belgian partner of the International Independent Board for Lean Certification (IIBLC)

    Customers are more and more demanding and requires companies to supply their customers better, faster and cheaper. Remaining competitive in an increasingly demanding environment is a daily struggle. 
    The Lean management philosophy is a practical way to adapt your processes in order to meet your customers’ requirements in the most efficient manner. Some possible effects include

    • 90% reduction in the Work-in-Process (WIP)
    • 50% drop in rejects and reworking of non-compliant products
    • 50% reduction in the employed surface area
    • 10% to 15% increase in productivity

    (Source: The Machine that Changed the World – Womack, Jones, Roos 1990)

    Validate your knowledge of Lean through IIBLC certifications with our preparation programs

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CIMCIL - Moore Supply Chain Academy: Supply Chain and Lean Management training programs.

What distinguishes CIMCIL - Moore Supply Chain Academy is its interactive approach which ensures a good balance between theory and practice. Our professional staff provides you with personalized advice during the APICS, IBF, IIBLC or other certification process. The supply chain training programs covers all the workflows, whether specific, from procurement to delivery, looking at every single internal and/or external sub-processes, or more holistic : how to organise and optimize the entire supply chain for each customer requirement and each offer?

 CIMCIL - Moore Supply Chain Academy is the official APICS Certification Partner for Belgium to guarantee the quality of its training. Indeed, APICS is recognised worldwide for its certification programs. APICS certificates are regarded as the standard for professional competence in production and inventory management, as well as in the of supply chain management and operations management.

For instance, the APICS CPIM certification focuses on internal processes, while the APICS CSCP certification covers the whole value chain. And since the integration of the Supply Chain Council training, its offer has been complemented by a strategic approach supported by a reference model (SCOR®) and benchmarking techniques.

All our instructors are experts, either because of their academic training or as a result of extensive professional experience. A passion for results and customer satisfaction, such is our motto.